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TVR T350T overview

The TVR T350T is a new coupe based on the running gear. The concept is to apply TVRs expertise gained in motorsport to a road car, and engineering owe much to TVRs racing. The commitment of TVR to motor racing has resulted in a range of cars that handle extremely well at very high cornering speeds. It can be entertaining and satisfying to drive quickly in hotversions of cars but the very high quality super car offers a different world of driving. More specs and user manual of TVR T350T you can see in next review.


TVR T350T specifications

General information
Body type: coupe
Seats: 4
Door Number: 2
Length, mm: 3925
Width, mm: 1715
Tire: 225/50 ZR16
Wheelbase, mm: 2361

Engine and transmission
Engine: gasoline, 6-cylinder
Displacement: 3605 cc
Power: 350hp @7200rpm
Torque: 393Nm @5500rpm
Location of engine in front, longitudinally
The system of power injection
Fuel: Gasoline
Valves per cylinder: 4

Chassis and dimensions
The drive to the rear wheels
Top speed: km/h 281
Acceleration to 100 km/h: 4.4 sec
Independent front suspension, two levered
Independent rear suspension, two levered
Front disc brakes, ventilated
Rear disc brakes, ventilated


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