Hummer H3 3.5i 20V 223hp Hummer  
Hummer H3 debuted in 2005, becoming the most compact of a Hummer series, if this series is suitable definition of "compact" at all. The model comes with the decreased size and lowered total cost, which enabled to maintain a stable high level of sales since 2005.
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  Great Wall Hover 2.4i 130hp Great Wall  
The Chinese company Great Wall started production and delivery of its new crossover, Great Wall Hover. Release of the car in many ways was a turning point for the Chinese automotive industry.
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  Daihatsu Materia 1.5 103hp Daihatsu  
Under the hood Daihatsu Materia is an easy and economical 1.5l engine, newly developed by engineers of the company. Power plant 4-cylinder, gasoline, power of 103 hp with a balanced ratio of power and fuel consumption.
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  Daewoo Nubira II 1.8 136hp Daewoo  
The Nubira II (J150) was released for model year 2000. Over 90 improvements were made by Daewoo's Worthing Technical Centre in the United Kingdom, including an increase in passenger space and a decrease in noise, harshness and vibration (by adding a fourth engine mount and retuning the intake resonators for example).
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  Porsche Cayenne I 4.5 V8 Turbo 450hp Porsche  
The company took a great risk on releasing so unusual car for this type, but this risk was fully justified. The level of integration put Porsche Cayenne I in one line with the Infiniti QX, making Porsche Cayenne I one of the most prestigious luxury SUVs.
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  Dacia Logan 1.6i 87hp Dacia  
The Dacia Logan 1.6 is a saloon (sedan) with 4 doors and a front mounted engine which transmits the power to the front wheels.The Dacia Logan 1.6 is one of the X90 range of cars from Dacia.
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  Saab 9-5 2.3T 16V Aero 250hp Saab  
In 1997, the Saab company launched production of new car of business class, which was named Saab 9-5. The severity and attractiveness of Saab 9-5 Aero could not leave anyone indifferent to the exterior of the car. A long hood and straight lines on the body resembled distantly a direct rival, BMW 5 Series.
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  GMC Envoy 4.2i 24V XL 4WD 279hp GMT840 GMC  
In 2000, GMC, which is a member of the automotive corporation General Motors, announced the withdrawal from the production model of Jimmy and its replacement with a model GMC Envoy, which rolled off the production line in autumn 2001. Virtually, there is no difference between these two models. But if the external design of cars did not undergo specific changes, GMC Envoy still differs from its brother by size.
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  Chery Tiggo T11 2.0i 125hp Chery  
With expressive style and complete comfort, Chery Tiggo always and everywhere a matter of priority. Tiggo - this explosion of unbridled passion and strength!
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  Hyundai Grandeur IV 2.7i V6 24V 192hp Hyundai  
One of the main goals of Hyundai Grandeur IV designers was to provide maximum security. Every component of Hyundai Grandeur had been carefully tested in special laboratories of the company to meet strict world standards.
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  Buick Riviera 3.8i V6 Supercharged 243hp Buick  
The Buick Riviera is a personal luxury car produced by Buick from 1963 to 1999. GM's first entry into that prestige niche, the Riviera was highly praised by automotive journalists upon its high-profile debut.
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  Bentley Arnage RL 6.7i V8 16V 456hp Bentley  
The new Bentley Arnage for 2007 would have upgraded 6.7-liter V8-engine, revised valve timing system can extract from it 456hp and 875Nm of torque models Arnage R and RL, and 507 hp with 1000 Nm of torque model Arnage T.
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  Asia Motors Rocsta 2.2 Diesel Soft Top Asia Motors  
Asia Motors Rocsta has an open body with a soft (Soft Top) riding. Saved traditional car chassis for heavy traffic conditions with full beams of all bridges and suspension in the longitudinal springs.
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  Cadillac Escalade 6.2i V8 RWD 409hp VVT K13R Cadillac  
The new off-road flagship of General Motors Cadillac Escalade 2007 with completely revised exterior, more spacious passenger cabin, 6.2-liter aluminum V8 engine capacity of 409hp with a system of variable valve timing (VVT) and an effective 6-automatic transmission.
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  ZAZ Tavria Slavuta 110307-42 62hp Other cars  
The Tavria Slavuta ZAZ-1103 released a 5-door sedan that provides an independent seat and easy access to baggage for all passengers. The back door opens wide, providing easy access to loading areas. Tavriya Slavuta has a very large trunk for its class, of which you can make maximum use, considering the fact that the spare wheel is placed in the engine compartment.
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