High lift jack: pros and cons AC Cars  
High jack is a device for cargo lifting. It is very efficient and popular among drivers, because it is easy and convenient to use. High jack is placed under cargo. That allows to lift it without additional tools, such as chains, ropes etc. This article deals with one type of high jacks, which is called “high lift jack”. It is mostly used by off-roadster drivers.
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  Structure of limited-slip differential AC Cars  
While exploiting of a car, drivers constantly face the necessity in torque biasing between drive wheels. While car is on the move, its wheels fall on different bumps. One of the wheels moves on the road, when another one lifts off. Therefore, one wheel receives heavier load, than another. The same effect occurs, when one of the drive wheels is on slippery surface (ice, mud, snow etc.). During turn, the radius of movement of near-side wheels is smaller than of off-side wheels.
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  Chevrolet Epica 2.5i 24V 154hp AT CDX LT Chevrolet  
New Chevrolet Epica 2.5i - is refinement and elegance in everything: from the best engine to expressive design. Good design, excellent dynamics and a thorough study of the details. In front of the body is made great panoramic headlights with clear lens, a powerful cross-slat chrome decoration on the radiator with a large logo of Chevrolet, and fog lamps integrated harmoniously like spotlights into the bumper.
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  Honda Civic 5D sport VIII 1.8i-VTEC i-SHIFT 16V 140hp Honda  
New Honda Civic 5D totally changes the concept of how a car of the class should be. It is entirely consistent with the spirit and aspirations of Honda to be the first, to be a winner, set new records!
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  Nissan Murano II 3.5i AWD 265hp Nissan  
A wide hood and 20-inch wheels make the silhouette of fat and muscular Nissan Murano II 3.5. A large area of glazing, including glass roof over the second seat row, said comfort for the driver and passengers. The body was subjected to considerable processing. The image Murano is a clear emphasis on the "muscular" surface - difficult, but gradually move into each other volumes, accented around the wheels and optics.
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  Infiniti G35 3.5i V6 24V 260hp Infiniti  
Infiniti G35 cars replaced its outdated Infiniti G20 in 2003. FX in a new Infiniti G35 platform - it is based on Nissan 350Z. The layout of new cars implement an incredible combination of majesty and solidity with its elegance and subtlety.
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  Acura MDX II 3.7i AWD 300hp Acura  

A stylish Acura MDX II rapid body - is a fashionable combination of simple surfaces and sharp edges. And once it is clear that this is Honda heirloom there: MDX at the same time similar to the CR-V, and HR-V, and the new Civic. Some refer to it as RX300, but the MDX is actually about 20cm length and 15 wider and higher.

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  BMW X6 3.5i 306hp BMW  

The BMW concept X6, which the Bavarian shown in Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007, literally detonated all automotive media in the world. All alone on the new firm "Sport Activity Coupe" (this is how BMW named its new baby) with his crazy designs and uncontrollable aggression.

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  BMW Alpina B12 5.7i V12 E-Kat Switchtronic 387hp E38 BMW Alpina  
The BMW Alpina B12 sedan 5.7i V12 is based on the BMW 7 series. The standard build includes: alarm system with remote control, airbags for driver and front passenger, on-board computer control, cabin conditioning, luxurious wood panel sheathing, automatic interior lighting, comfortable seats with electronic adjustment.
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  Renault Alpine A610 3.0i V6 Turbo 250hp Other cars  
The Renault Alpine A610 was a sports coupe automobile produced by the Renault-owned French manufacturer Alpine between late 1984 and 1995. The car underwent a substantive facelift in 1991, which is also when the name was changed to A610.

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  SsangYong Rexton II 270 D 4wd 165hp 2.7 Xdi AT (R27L25) SsangYong  
Unique design and powerful engine is not enough to be called in this SUV of today. But the SsangYong Rexton II deserves this title. By providing excellent stability when driving and confident grip coated both on the road, and at the off-road, it will give you unforgettable pleasure of driving.
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  Saturn ION Quad Coupe 2.2i 16V Ecotec 140hp Saturn  
Saturn Ion is a compact car, which was first presented by the American General Motors automotive company under the brand name Saturn in 2003. This model is based on the platform GM Delta.
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  Rolls-Royce Phantom VII 6.75i V12 48V 460hp Rolls-Royce  
Design of Rolls-Royce Phantom VII is developed by a team led by Ian Cameron and the California studio of BMW. Exterior has retained the image of English and the spirit of its legendary ancestors, and in addition, received quality technical stuffing from the Germans.
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  Rover 45 Sedan RT 2.0i V6 24V 150hp Rover  
In summer of 1999 the company started producing model Rover 45 sedan rt. In fact, the car has been modernized and extended version of Rover 400, but intended by a company as a separate and more prestigious model. Among the innovations of the Rover 45, has always been a gearbox.
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  Smart City 0.6i 55hp ForTwo Smart  
Company Smart is a subsidiary of Daimler Chrysler. Smart City ForTwo created in the so-called "sandwich" platform with a capsule safety Tridion. The length of the body is only 2.5 meters. The design of the body is called "energy". Wheelbase 1812 mm. Curb vehicle weight is 720 kg, maximum - 980 kg.
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