How to inspect a rear hub bearing AC Cars  
If you hear abnormal and suspicious noise while driving, that might mean youll have to inspect your rear hub bearing. The noise appears due to wearing out. You should urgently get rid of them.
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  Check engine light on: problems and their solution AC Cars  
Modern cars have check engine indicator, which is located on control panel. Sometimes the true importance of this light is known, when it is on. And then you find out many problems. Many people can drive their cars for years and this indicator never reminds of itself. So, what does this miraculous light mean and how does it help drivers? In this article well answer these and many other questions.
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  Car valve adjustment: what is it for? AC Cars  
Power pack of every car is constructer in the way that its every cylinder has two or more valves. One (ones) of them inserts fuel blend, the second exhausts gas. Thats why they are called induction and emission valves. The mechanism that brings these elements of combustion engine into action is called variable valve event (VVEL) and lift or valve gear.
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  How to replace a car drive belt? AC Cars  
Drive belt is a part, which passes rotational element from one car mechanism to another. There are several drive belts installed in modern automobiles. But each of them plays a part in general working capacity of a car. If abruption or weakening of a drive belt occurred, you may not be able to even start your car. Due to this, every driver should know how to replace engine drive belt of a car. In this article we describe the reasons of drive belts breakdowns and how to replace them on your own. Also we pay special attention to the problems occurring during replacement process.
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  Battery light on: inspection of malfunctions, their cause and repair AC Cars  
In the moment of starting engine, several indicators on car control panel on. Well talk about engine and accumulator oil pressure. After the engine is started, both indicators switch off if the car is intact. But there are cases, when those indicators on control panel constantly on. So, whats the problem?
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  Construction of clutch pressure plate, types and operation principle AC Cars  
Clutch is a mechanism, which allows controlling a torsion torque passed from engine to wheels. With producing of first cars with combustion engine, the need in mechanism, which would pass driving torque from motor to wheels, appeared. Engineers found out that vehicle needs idle running and different speed movement. But transmission ratio is necessary for this. Clutch is element a vehicle component part, which is called a transmission.
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  Windshield wiper blades: replacement and buying advices AC Cars  
Safety and convenience of driving largely depends on efficiency as of many units and systems, so of operable condition of separate components, which seem insignificant at first sight. Wiper blades refer to these components, because poorly cleaned windscreen obscures visibility, interfering with full-fledged road vision.
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  Car LED lights: pros and cons AC Cars  
Recently xenon lights were very popular among drivers. Now it is time of LED-lights. We want to describe all advantages of this type of lights. There was no excitement for first fully LED-lights. And the first verdict was too expensive for lights with less power. That was a reaction on LED-lights of Audi R8 in 2008. Nowadays this type of lights is available even on lower class compact cars.
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  Car alternator repair: ground failures AC Cars  
Car is a system, operation of which depends on many small components. Thats why, in case of failure even of smallest part, whole vehicle will malfunction. Alternator is one of such components.
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  Transmission oil: buying advices AC Cars  
Car is quite complicated mechanism, which consists of many components and mechanisms. During operational process, all its parts interact with each other. As a result, friction occurs. In time, the duration of such process can harm the components of one or another unit. To avoid this accident, different types of lubricating oils are used for mechanic vehicles. Transmission oil is referred to such lubricants. This oil is used for greasing of transmission and steering mechanisms. In this article well describe its functions, types and what to pay attention to, while buying it.
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  Car electromotor: history, types, pros and cons AC Cars  
If you look back, you will see how much has changed for few hundred years. Now its hard to realize, how people lived without present-day blessings of civilization. Its not just about comforts of home, but also about modern vehicles. Imagine that in 1980-s nowadays vehicles were just cinematic fiction. But now we know that some of those vehicles feed on electricity (electromobiles) and some even fly (aeromobile).
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  Everything about opposed engine: types, repair, pros and cons AC Cars  
After invention of the first combustion engine, the question of its upgrading and power improvement occurred. The first engine was one-cylinder. Thats why people began finding solution in its power upgrading through increasing the number of its cylinders. But its further development wasnt so apparent, because there are different ways to place those cylinders: horizontally, vertically, one after one in a row or at an angle.
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  Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it. AC Cars  
Most drivers faced the problem of dent occurrence in car surface. The most unpleasant thing in this situation is driving to car service station to remove them. Such service can be quite expensive, thats why you can try to do it yourself. Painting wont be needed afterwards.
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  Construction of ignition module: how to use and repair AC Cars  
Everyone knows that there are no unnecessary components in a car. All of them are meant for certain purpose. Ignition module is not an exception. This comparatively small mechanism, which is often called a coil, is main component of breakerless ignition system and is meant for high voltage production, due to which spark occurs on ignition plugs. This article deals with construction and operating principle of ignition module and also gives the information of its most typical failures and how to identify them.
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  Adaptive cruise control: functions and operational principle AC Cars  
Adaptive cruise control is next evolutionary stage of development of accustomed cruise control. Its main difference is its ability to control traffic situation and adjust vehicle speed depending on movement speed of car in front.
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