Renault Alpine A610 3.0i V6 Turbo 250hp

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Renault Alpine A610 3.0i V6 Turbo 250hp review

The Renault Alpine A610 was a sports coupe automobile produced by the Renault-owned French manufacturer Alpine between late 1984 and 1995. The car underwent a substantive facelift in 1991, which is also when the name was changed to A610.

The Alpine was shaped like an exotic supercar, but it was capable of seating four, something truly unique in the world of grand tourers. It had performance to match a Porsche 944 Turbo, which meant very good. It had a rear-mounted six-cylinder engine like a 911, but its handling was easier to manage. There was nothing quite like it in the automotive world. Because of such a special character, it became my favourite car of all time.

The GTA was the first Alpine officially badged as Renault following the latter's acquisition of Alpine in 1974. While production remained at the Dieppe factory, it was developed in-house by Renault, benefiting from the giant manufacturer's R&D power and build quality standards.

The new A610 was claimed to be 80 percent new, but it was a heavy revision from the old car rather than a complete makeover like that from A110 to A310 or from A310 to GTA. For the sake of difference, Renault restyled its nose with a pair of pop-up headlamps and a chunky bumper. This unfortunately damaged the pure lines of the old car. The same went for the new side intakes, which were necessitated by a more powerful engine.

In an 8-cars contest conducted by Performance Car, the A610 took the crown by beating all oppositions, including great rivals like Lotus Esprit, Porsche 968, Mazda RX-7, Nissan 300ZX and Venturi 260. Likewise, Fast Lane compared it with 944 Turbo SE and 300ZX and concluded it was the best of the bunch. Meanwhile, CAR magazine declared it a victory over Esprit and Venturi. Surprisingly, this little-known French GT won almost every contest it encountered in the early 1990s.

So why didn't it sell? With a total production of only 818 cars, the A610 was far less successful than the reputation it got in enthusiast circles. To this day, its failure is still a mystery to me. Perhaps it is this unfortunately fate that makes the Alpine all the more adorable. It was one of the great unsung heroes in automotive history.

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Renault Alpine A610 3.0i V6 Turbo 250hp

Renault Alpine A610 3.0i V6 Turbo 250hp specifications

General information
Year of release: 1991 - 1995
Body type: Coupe
Doors: 2
Beds 2+2
Curb weight 1420 kg.
Gross weight of 1740 kg.
The volume of the luggage min / max 90 liters. / 220 liters.

Engine and transmission
Displacement 2975ccm
Power: 250 hp @ 5750 rpm
Maximum torque: 350 Nm @ 2900 rpm
Nutrition Distributed injection
Location/number of cylinders: V-6
Bore x stroke: 93 mm x 73 mm
2 valves per cylinder
Compression ratio 7.6

Length 4410 mm
Width 1760 mm
Height 1180 mm
Wheelbase 2340 mm
Track front/rear: 1505 mm / 1470 mm
Ground clearance 125 mm

Renault Alpine A610 3.0i V6 Turbo 250hp

The front helical spring
Rear helical spring
Tire Size 205/45 ZR16
The minimum diameter of 9.9 meters turn
Power Amplifier

Transmission type
Rear-wheel Drive
Number of transmissions (meh. box) 5
Ratio main pair 3.444
Front ventilated disc
Rear Disc

Fuel consumption
Urban cycle l. 100 km. 14.7 liters.
Extra-urban cycle l. 100 km. 7.3 liters.
Mixed cycle l. 100 km. 9.2 liters.
Fuel tank capacity 80 liters.

Dynamic performance
Maximum speed: 265 km/h
Acceleration time from their seats to 100 km/h in 5.7.

Renault Alpine A610 3.0i V6 Turbo 250hp
Renault Alpine A610 3.0i V6 Turbo 250hp

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