ZAZ Tavria Slavuta 110307-42 62hp

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ZAZ Tavria Slavuta 110307-42 62hp overview

The Tavria Slavuta ZAZ-1103 released a 5-door sedan that provides an independent seat and easy access to baggage for all passengers. The back door opens wide, providing easy access to loading areas. Tavriya Slavuta has a very large trunk for its class, of which you can make maximum use, considering the fact that the spare wheel is placed in the engine compartment. As with all cars of "Tavria" family, convertibles rear seats can be effectively used for carrying long cargo (for account of trunk space and passenger compartment). Also, this feature can also be used as place for sleeping during long journeys. More specs and user manual of Tavria Slavuta you can see in next review.

ZAZ Tavria Slavuta 110307-42 62hp

ZAZ Tavria Slavuta 110307-42 specifications

General information
Model: ZAZ Tavria Slavuta
Seats: 5
Weight: 735 kg
Maximum speed: 156 km/h

Engine and transmission
Time disperse from the car with driver and passenger: 16.2
Engine type: with electronic engine management system (EDMS) and the fuel injection system (SRVT) MeMZ-2477
Engine capacity: 1197ccm
Compression: 9.5
Power rated: 45.9kW, 62.4hp
Maximum torque: 95.5Nm
Rated speed crankshaft: 5300...5500prm
Fuel consumption l/100 km:
5.4 - 90 km/h
7.6 - 120 km/h
7.8 - Urban cycle
Transmission of the main transmission gearbox
Front suspension - independent, such as "McPherson".
Tires - Radial
155/70 R13
Consistent with the rules

ZAZ Tavria Slavuta 110307-42 62hp
ZAZ Tavria Slavuta 110307-42 62hp

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