Lancia Thesis 3.0i V6 215hp

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Lancia Thesis 3.0i V6 215hp review

2002 Lancia marked for the new company flagship lineup - the Lancia Thesis. This model represents a vehicle of Luxury. After a single failure of the Kappa the company pinned its hopes for Lancia Thesis. The most original part of Lancia Thesis was a surreal design of the model, with the help of which the machine was to conquer the hearts of buyers. But, unfortunately for Lancia, all went up to a vice-versa. Despite the fact that model Lancia Thesis was decently equipped and very comfortable, the demand for them was still lower than in the Lancia Kappa. And many are linked with non-traditional design model. Lancia Thesis has not been ceased from the production, but experts believe the level of sales of the model is too low to sustain its existence. More specs and user manual for Lancia Thesis you can see in next overview.

Lancia Thesis 3.0i V6 215hp

Lancia Thesis 3.0i V6 215hp specifications

General information
Year of release: 2001 - present
Body type: Sedan
Doors: 4
Seats: 5
Curb weight: 1750 kg.
Gross weight: of 2260 kg.
Length 4890 mm
Width 1830 mm
Height 1470 mm
Wheelbase 2805 mm
Track front/rear: 1570mm/1540mm

Engine and transmission
Displacement: 2959ccm
Power: 215hp @ 6300rpm
Maximum torque: 263Nm @ 5000rpm
Nutrition Distributed injection
Location Front, transversely
Gas mechanism: DOHC
Location/number of cylinders: V6
Bore x stroke: 93mm x 72.6mm
4 valves per cylinder
Compression ratio 10
Front damper strut
Rear helical spring
Size of tires 215/60 R16
Type of Gear-rack
The minimum diameter of 9.9 meters turn
Power Amplifier

Transmission type
Drive Front
Number of transmissions (automatic. box) 5
Ratio main pair 2.48
Front ventilated disc
Rear ventilated disc

Fuel consumption
Urban cycle l. 100 km. 20.6 liters.
Extra-urban cycle l. 100 km. 9.1 liters.
Mixed cycle l. 100 km. 13.4 liters.
Fuel tank capacity 75 liters.

Dynamic performance
Maximum speed: 234 km/h
Acceleration time from their seats to 100 km/h: 9.2sec

Lancia Thesis 3.0i V6 215hp
Lancia Thesis 3.0i V6 215hp

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