Kia Enterprise 3.6 V6 HC

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Kia Enterprise 3.6 V6 HC overview

Enterprise is a high-class model of Kia with the rear drive and based on Mazda 929 platform. Its specifications are complex 5-arm rear axle, Multi-Link electronically controlled stiffness of shock absorbers, traction control system EDS. By finishing level of its saloon, the car is mor similar to Japanese: excellent build quality and materials, including natural walnut, high-quality leather and woolen carpet. More specs and user manual of Kia Enterprise you can see in next review.
Kia Enterprise 3.6 V6 HC

Kia Enterprise 3.6 V6 HC specification
General information
Model: Kia Enterprise 3.6 V6 V6 HC
Body type: sedan
Door Number 4
Seats 5
Engine 3605ccm
Type: V6 engine
Engine: 230hp @5500rpm
Top speed: 230 km/h.
Engine and transmission
Torque 272@3500 nm / min on
4-valves per cylinder
The system of food distributed fuel injection
Independent front suspension spring
Independent rear suspension spring
Front disc brakes
Rear disc brakes
Chassis and dimensions
Length 5020 mm
Width 1810 mm
Height 1435 mm
Wheelbase 2850 mm
Track wheels front 1525 mm
Track wheels at the rear of 1545 mm
Tire 205/65 R15
Curb weight 1750 kg
The volume of the luggage 360 liters
Fuel tank 70 l
Kia Enterprise 3.6 V6 HC

Kia Enterprise 3.6 V6 HC

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