Honda CR-V 2.0 4WD 150hp RD4 RD5

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Honda CR-V 2.0 4WD 150hp RD4 RD5 overview

The Honda CR-V 4WD is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda. It was loosely derived from the Honda Civic to satisfy a public demand for a sport-utility vehicle from Honda. The engine utilized a one-piece cylinder sleeve construction unique from any other B-series engine due to overlapping combustion chambers. Inside, the rear seats were able to fold down, and a picnic table was stowed in the rear floor area. A common external trait that was visible with this generation was plastic cladding covering the front bumper, fender wells, and rear bumper. More specs and user manual of Honda CR-V you can see in next review.

Honda CR-V 2.0 4WD 150hp RD4 RD5

Honda CR-V 2.0 4WD 150hp RD4 RD5 specifications

General information
Model: Honda CR-V
Body type: SUV
Doors: 5
Seats: 5
Engine: 1998ccm
Engine type: L4
Engine power: 150hp @5500rpm
Mark fuels petrol 95
Consumption 11.9
Top speed: 180 km/h.
Acceleration to 100 km/h in 9.6s

Engine and transmission
Torque: 192Nm @4000rpm
4 valves per cylinder
The system of food distributed fuel injection
Manual transmission: 5
Suspension front leverage and eyes, springs, cross-tail
Rear suspension system of levers and eyes, springs, cross-tail
Front ventilated disc brakes
Rear drum brakes

Chassis and dimensions
Length 4360 mm
Width 1780 mm
Height 1710 mm
Wheelbase 2620 mm
Track wheels front 1535 mm
Track wheels at the rear of 1535 mm
Clearance 205 mm
Tire 205/70 R15
Curb weight 1430 kg
The total mass of 1900kg
The volume of the luggage 525/950 L
Fuel tank 58 l

Honda CR-V 2.0 4WD (150hp) RD4, RD5
Honda CR-V 2.0 4WD (150hp) RD4, RD5
Honda CR-V 2.0 4WD (150hp) RD4, RD5

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