High lift jack: pros and cons AC Cars  
High jack is a device for cargo lifting. It is very efficient and popular among drivers, because it is easy and convenient to use. High jack is placed under cargo. That allows to lift it without additional tools, such as chains, ropes etc. This article deals with one type of high jacks, which is called “high lift jack”. It is mostly used by off-roadster drivers.
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  Structure of limited-slip differential AC Cars  
While exploiting of a car, drivers constantly face the necessity in torque biasing between drive wheels. While car is on the move, its wheels fall on different bumps. One of the wheels moves on the road, when another one lifts off. Therefore, one wheel receives heavier load, than another. The same effect occurs, when one of the drive wheels is on slippery surface (ice, mud, snow etc.). During turn, the radius of movement of near-side wheels is smaller than of off-side wheels.
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  AC Cars Cobra 427 MK III AC Cars  
This super rare AC Cars Cobra 427 MK III is the first car in the third group of 427 Cobra production, car was completed at AC cars on 1966th for delivery to Ford advanced vehicles in England. As it was neither shipped nor invoiced to Shelby American. This was one of only two 427 cars invoiced to Ford Advanced vehicles and used for track purposes and show.
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