Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

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Most drivers faced the problem of dent occurrence in car surface. The most unpleasant thing in this situation is driving to car service station to remove them. Such service can be quite expensive, that’s why you can try to do it yourself. Painting won’t be needed afterwards.

• Paintless dent repair technology
• Necessary paintless dent repair tools
• Methods of paintless dent repair
Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

Paintless dent repair technology

Earlier, all dents were repaired with painting after the process. Even now specialists in car service stations work that way. But there are more money-saving and gentle methods of car body repair. But with using of these methods the paintwork stays untouched. But you need special tools to perform such procedure. They look like hooks, levers and clubs of various form, size and length. If you shove them into engineering holes of car body and apply some pressure to inner surface, you’ll return a former shape to metallic part of your car.

Such technology is very efficient for repairing components, which are hard to reach with ordinary tools. For example, this method can be applied for hinge pillars or car body reconstruction. You can also use vacuum draw-downs, but only in case of very small dent. This draw-down must be put on dent, then lick it into former shape by pressure fall.

Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

Of course, these are just few tools used for dent removal. Paintless dent repair (PDR) became possible after car manufacturers started using polymer paintworks. The paintwork became more flexible and solid and stays unharmed even in cases of major car body damage. Another reason of such technique development is that manufacturers started using more slender and firm metals. That’s why paintless dent repair technology grows popular.

Depending on its size, location, metal thickness, paint condition, there are two methods of dent removal: internal and external. In other words, before repair you should examine the damage. After that you can choose the type of repair, but only if it is possible. Using of PDR is impossible or very complicated in following cases:
1) If paintwork was damaged;
2) Car body is critically bulged;
3) Car is more than 15 years old;
4) Low quality paintwork;
5) The car body was fixed by amateurs before.

Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

Remember, dent depth and location are very important. If the depth is small, then you’ll be able to repair dent 15 – 20cm in diameter. But if the dent is quite small and deep, it will be impossible to remove it without paint.

PDR is impossible if following components are damaged: 1) Car doorsills (but if the damage is slight, it can be removed by PDR);
2) Margins of trunk, doors and hood;
3) Roof stands;
4) Panel damage (after push, indirect kick or car body repaint).

Necessary paintless dent repair tools

There are special paintless dent repair tools. These are clubs and hooks. They are used for dent removal from the inside. You’ll need a special lamp, which will help you to see everything inside. With the help of hook you’ll be able to heft the dent, press on it smooth it. But you’ll have to be patient. Small damage will take just few seconds, but large dent will take time.

Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

If it is impossible to repair dent with clubs, glue tab is used. Within this tab a special clip is attached to dent. With the help of special tool this clip is hefted with metal. The bulge parts of metal must be hammered. But the paint layer won’t be harmed. All the work must be done thoroughly and accurately. If you make at least one mistake, you may damage the paint layer, which you will have to restore. If you don’t have professional tools, then you’ll need: - hairdryer or hot air gun; - air duster or suction tool. These tools are needed for repair of small dent by heating. If the dent is deep, then you’ll need more tools:
- fluorescent lamp for dent detachment work control;
- clubs and hooked levers;
- set of eyelets or suction tools of different size;
- special glue;
- metal degreaser;
- pops-a-dent or minilifter for eyelets removal;
- spirit for glue removal;
- rubber hammer;
- soft polymer fluoroplastic pencil;
- polishing liquid for repaired surface treatment.

Methods of paintless dent repair

There are two methods of car body repair:
- dent beading by heating;
- surface renewal by way of PDR.

These methods can be used as separately, as in combination. Both techniques are based on metal ability to return its original shape. Car manufacturers always accommodate with customers in this matter: the car body is made of flexible metal, which is subject to reconstruction even after serious damages. Due to this, you can repair dents on car body on your own.

Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

Due to first method, dents are repaired by consistent heating and cooling of damaged surface. In second case you must use special tool. You must impact the dent from in and out. The second method requires more time and effort. To decide, which method and tools to use identify level of damage. If the deformation is small, then the damaged place must be heated with hot air gun. Then the dent must be treated with pressed air or you can use suction tool instead of it. After metal cools down, it takes its original shape. The repair process is over.

Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

If dent is deep and complicated, it is better to use PDR technology:
1) Using a special lamp, determine exact place of dent and its features;
2) Then enable the access to the place of damage from inside (you might need to remove some car components);
3) Pick up the tools you need.

Depending on damage type, you’ll need to repair it by circular motion or pressing. The quality of repair can be checked with highlights. If it is impossible to reach the dent from inner side, you can use eyelets or suction tools. The size of eyelet depends on size of dent. Apply paste on eyelet, place it in the centre of damage and wait for 10-15 minutes. Then use a minilifter.

Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

By pressing on tool handles you’ll remove the dent. The glue remains can be removed with solution based on spirit. If there will be some small bulge, you can fix it with a small hammer and fluoroplastic pencil. When this is done, there might still be a small dent. To repair it, use the eyelet of smaller diameter. Pull the metal until dent disappears. To control the process, install lamp under right angle. The last stage is polishing of repaired surface. After that the repair is over.

So, you can repair the dent as quality as at service station. But remember, restoring of metal requires maximum attention and concentration. Be very careful and take your time, if you want to repair the dent on your own.

Paintless dent repair: what is needed and how to do it.

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