How to replace a sod pan in car?

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In construction of vehicle, even small, at first sight, details can play a big part in functioning of whole mechanism. For example, this might be a sod pan. People recall it far more rare, than other components, but if it breaks down, the engine will be as good as dead. That’s why it should be replaced as soon as there is a slightest hint on its failure. And you’ll find out from our article, how to do it at home.

1. What you should know about sod pan?
2. What will happen if you don’t replace a broken sod pan?
3. How is a sod pan replacement performed?
How to replace a sod pan in car?
1. What you should know about sod pan?

Sod pan is a main inlet component of a car engine, and its isolated interior space is the largest cavity of power unit. Crankshaft is placed here. And in upper part of the element a cylinder barrel is installed. Sod pan is a thin-walled basin with a bleed holder, which is covered with choke plug.

Usually such tankages are made of sheet steel and fastened to construction base with special type bolts. There can be installed gasket made of cork or cardboard as condensation between bolts and mounting face. The sod pan of car engine is used as specific displacement for engine oil, which protects a crank gear from mud and foreign objects.

In case if sod pan was damaged (whether it is dent or disruption, you should stop at once and stall the engine. Then inspect a damaged place: if you didn’t notice oil leakage from sod pan, try to crank engine with a starter without starting it (also you can disconnect central wire from distributor ignition).

If the engine cranks easily without unusual sounds, and lubrication fluid pressure control light switches off, then you can start a power unit. But don’t forget to make sure that lubrication pressure is within normal range. In this way you can get to nearest service station or to your place of residence.

More often, light motor vehicle with front drive or east-west engine mounting suffer from these problems, which conditional for their constructional characteristics.

How to replace a sod pan in car?
2. How is a sod pan replacement performed?

If the sod pan was damaged (in road traffic accident, for example), this will obviously affect engine’s efficiency. According to kind of damage, there are three main types of failure:

Severe deformation of component’s surface without open end hole (disruption) on engines with suction tube made of aluminium alloy or plastic (engines with pressed steel sod pans or components with steel inserts). If there is installed a sod pan made of aluminium alloy or plastic and the dent is quite deep, the suction tube might also broke down (its end is placed in approximately 5 mm from sod pan).

In this situation the tube might be higher than oil level. And if the liquid didn’t leak out (no oil stains on car’s bottom side), but the dent is quite deep, add necessary amount of oil and try to start the engine. If oil pressure indicator switches off, you can try to get to nearest service station very carefully with emergency lights on. But still, it is better to use carrier.

All following repairs can be limited to sod pan removal, which is not easy to perform in most cases (construction of many vehicles requires engine dismantling). But anyway, replacement of damaged sod pan will cost less than full repair or installation of new power unit.

In case if deformation is negligible and there is no disruption (often on engines with aluminium or plastic elements), suction tube is not broken, but the leash between it and bottom is reduced. The remaining air space is enough to provide operation of oil system in soft circulation mode or at idle and with low rpm under load. Also, you must consider possibility of “oil starvation” of all engine friction pairs at sudden speed rise.

Of course, it adversely affects a vehicle’s work. In other words, if the dent on sod pan is negligible, no oil leakage, and during trial turn the lubricating fluid pressure indicator switches off, everything should work properly.

How to replace a sod pan in car?

In practice, most today’s vehicles are equipped with primitive control system and gathers information only from one sensor, which has trigger threshold 0.5-0.8 bar (more precise index depends on construction type). And it doesn’t matter, whether this data is transferred to threshold sensor: if there is 0.5 bar – everything is OK. But the engine can’t work at 4000 rpm with pressure of 0.5-0.8 bar, because, depending on rpm, characteristics, which are required for engine, increase.

Lately almost every instrument panel had indicating oil pressure gauge, and driver could see changes of oil pressure, which provide increase and decrease of rpm. In some cases, there is pressure gage and indicator light. Considering, that this is impossible to check oil pressure on most modern vehicles, working on rpm, and end there is no emergency pressure light, you can drive carefully to nearest service station.

Disruptions of sod pan happen quite often. If you noticed oil stain under car – don’t start the engine. Just call vehicle carrier to carry your car to service station specialists. Of course, opening of sod pan is required, also removal of suction tube and screen (if there is one) and obvious opening of connecting rod liner (crankshaft bearing liner opening is also preferable). Also cylinder liner surface are inspected from below.

The most wide-spread consequences of oil starvation and zero pressure are following:

1. Clamp of upper connecting rod liner (of one of the cylinders), its fusion and engine jam;

2. Turn of liner, appearance of noise while power unit is operational. Besides, there might be damages of other friction pairs, turn of other liners, and as a last resort – connecting rod breakdown and damage of cylinder barrel.

The most important friction pair is “piston – cylinder wall”. In case of its damage the epair will cost much. The damage of this pair without fugitive oil depends on many aspects: size of piston leash, presence/absence of graphite coating and its microrelief.

How to replace a sod pan in car?
3. How is a sod pan replacement performed?

The whole process can be relatively divided into two stages: removal of damaged component and installation of new one.

The removing is performed in following order:
1. Disengage a negative terminal of battery.
2. Remove bonnet vent.
3. Remove engine bottom guard.
4. Drain the engine oil. After that replace the gasket and twist a drain plug in.
5. Unscrew fastening bolts of engine front support, then unscrew fastening nuts of stabilizer and replace prevailing torque bolt.
6. Unlink lines connecter from oil level sensor.
7. Unlink lines connecter from oil pressure. It must be fixed in the way to avoid its damage while lifting of power unit.
8. On cars with automatic transmission, disconnect oil conduits from a sod pan.
9. Now remove stabilizer and lift engine with lifting tool.
10. Remove the front suspension spring.
11. Lift the car front axle with high lift jack, after that remove plastic covers over 2 rear points of front axle.
12. Unwind fastening bolts of front axle and wipe a screw eye replacing all bolts with new ones.
13. Lower a front axle.
14. Unscrew fastening bolts of sod pan and move it forward and then lower it down. Remove the element and replace bolts and gasket.
The second stage of sod pan replacement is installation, which considers assembling of all mechanisms.

How to replace a sod pan in car?

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