Electric jack: its pros and cons

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Everyone knows what high jack is. Such auxiliary tool is part of configuration of any car produced by known manufacturers. Cautious drivers never set on road without this “marvelous” helper, because when the tire got flat, it would become handy. Often car manufacturers equip their production with standard rhombic jack, quality of which could be much better. So, that’s why many drivers need to buy the device, which is more practical and easier to use.

1. Use of electric jack
2. Electric jack capacity
3. Pros and cons

There are 7 types of jacks: - rhombic;
- compressed air jack;
- bottle jack;
- electric jack;
- trolley jack;
- high lift jack;
- pneumatic jack.

Electric jack: its pros and cons

All types are rated by their specifications, such as capacity, ratio, operating stroke, drop leg height, weight and size, stability and reliability, lift height, operating handle strain and omnitude.

Capacity is largest value of cargo weight, which jack lifts.

Drop leg height is a minimal distance between pad (ground or floor) and drop leg (part of jack, which bumps into car) in lower position.

Lift height is a maximum distance between pad and drop leg in higher position.

Operating stroke is a balance between higher and lower position of drop leg.

Stability is ability of jack to keep a stable position under any power capable to detrude a car.

Operating handle strain is power necessary for lifting a cargo to necessary height. It depends on jack type, weight of lifted car and number of cycles necessary for lifting to end point.

Ratio is a proportion of hydraulic pump piston space and space of lifting hydraulic piston.

Omnitude is ability of jack to lift cars of any weight under different conditions.

General characteristics for all types are lifting height, operating stroke, capacity, drop leg height, weight and size. Nowadays electric jack is the most interesting and unique device in motor transport. We’ll describe it in our article. But first, let’s figure out what is it, how to use it and what pros and cons does it have.

Electric jack: its pros and cons

1. Use of electric jack

The fact that current technologic advance affected all aspects of our life is undeniable. It touched computers, cells, TV and, of course, automotive engineering, which raises many questions and discussions among drivers. In the world, where human mind grasps new technical capabilities, you can’t help but notice that everything, which refers to cars, upgrades every year. New and more comfortable things appear, and something dies in vain…

So, usual road map was replaced with navigator, primitive signaling buzzer was replaced with advanced security technologies, including CCTV monitoring and lock switch, manual tools were replaced by various tech, capable to minimize effort and complicacy of repair. The innovation also affected such tool as tire jack.

Speaking of electric jack, pay attention that this is not an immobile device, but of self-contained unit, which can be used anywhere away from civilization. So, what is electric jack?

Electric jack is a lifting construction feeding from car electrical system. No doubt that electric jack works as with non-operational engine, so with operational. Besides, last option is preferred by most drivers, because in this case the battery charges from alternator, so, the battery load is reduced. The device is controlled by small unit.

The electric jack looks like ordinary device, which is supplied by electromotor. In fact, you must just placed, everything else it’ll do by itself. Usually, there are also wires and binders, which must be places on battery terminals, come fitted with lift jack. Install electric jack on electric traction, connect and start it. You can control it with the remote control.

Finally, using electric jack (as any other type) you should remember of safety arrangements. If you want to replace wheels or do any other repairs, which require lifting of a car, you must: do a correct fixation of wheels from the opposite side of lift jack, there are special wedges for this; after lifting a car body, put a firm bearer under body bearing components (still, side member etc.), despite of jack construction. Don’t lie under car, while it is lifted by jack! Adjust lift jack to minimize car slip off.

Electric jack: its pros and cons

2. Electric jack capacity

This is the most important feature, which you should pay attention to. If you make a mistake here, other nuances will not matter. It is hard to disagree with that if the lifting jack can’t lift your car, then its color, construction or quality have no meaning. That’s why, buying this device (electric in our case), pay a special attention to its capacity.

Each lift jack is optimized for specific weight. That’s why, you must, first of all, to find out weight of your car, then add 100-200 kg in case if there are something in trunk of your car. If you picked up wrong lift jack, you risk to damage it in first use or get a serious damage, if it fails right in the moment, when you’re under car or damage your vehicle.

Speaking of electric jack, it can reach 2 tonnes. In comparison to other types, it falls behind its “cousins” for a bit. For example, capacity of bottle jack is to 15 tonnes, high lift jack lifts 2-20 tones and hydraulic jack is capable to lift 2-200 tonnes. On the assumption of this working feature, electric jack matches only pneumatic jack, which lifts up to 4 tonnes. So, only owners of compact cars can buy electric jack, because it can’t handle large pickups and off-roadsters.

3. Pros and cons

According to 2 features as control principle and capacity, you can make a list of some pros and cons. Let’s start with its advantages. Well, if the drive is lady, electric jack is the most convenient device in this case.

Another plus of this device is a remote control. Owner of this lift jack won’t have to make physical efforts to lift a car, because this little helper will do it fast and easy.

Electric jack: its pros and cons

Also, as was mentioned above, it can charge from accumulator battery, while the engine is operational or from alternator. And one more important nuance: electric jack fulfills its functions in any conditions.

No doubt, it has many advantages, but now we are going to mention its disadvantages. Electric jack is a novelty on the market. And as of novelty, its cost is quite high. So, you’ll have to pay much for comfort and minimal effort. Also to cons you may refer quite heavy weight and size (consumes too much place in a trunk), and also manual lowering down, which will also take time.

Buying an electric jack, don’t miss the fact that many devices are limited by ride height and many electric jacks don’t go down lower than 150 mm. Because of that electric jack can’t work with many models. So, select carefully.

So, if you don’t want to make any physical efforts or just like innovative technologies and you are not scared off by price, you can buy this novelty with no doubt. But if you drive large off-roadster and often go on travels, then you should better choose a high lift jack, which can also be used as lifter winch.

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