What to do in case if ABS light on?

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Some drivers become nervous, when they see ABS light in their car is on. They think that something happened to their car braking system in general. But why the ABS light is on and what to do in this case? But panic here is inappropriate and hardly reasonable. The car breaking system must be in order. The only component that filed is anti-lock breaking system, which is not critical. Of course it helps in many critical situations, but everything is reparable and we’ll tell about it in our article.

• Causes of ABS light on
• How to check failures of ABS light on?
• Reparation of ABS light on
What to do in case if ABS light on?

Causes of ABS light on

Let’s count main reasons, because of which ABS lamp on car control panel is constantly on:
- disappears connection in plugged connecter;
- no connection with one of sensors, perhaps because of wire abruption;
- ABS sensor is broken. It must be checked and replaced;
- wheel hub crown is out of order;
- faulty ABS control package.

After you inspected your car and the failure is removed at first sight, check the work of ABS system. It’s easy, just accelerate your car to speed of 40 km p/h then brake hard. The brake pedal will vibrate and blinking ABS indicator will switch off.

If the visible inspection of gages and control package gave no results, then computerized diagnostics of ABS brake system is necessary. This task is easy for cars with on-board computer.

What to do in case if ABS light on?

How to check failures of ABS light on?

The ABS system works normally in case if ABS indicator is on, while car starts and then fades in few seconds. First, if the ABS indicator is constantly on, check safety appliance of ABS system and inspect wheel sensors.

It often happens, that sensor connecter of wheel hub oxidates or the wires fret. And if the indicator is on after replacing of hub or brake pad, then the first thought occurring to mind is that sensor connecter is not plugged in. Also the ABS light on if the sensor is muddied.

Also, orange ABS indicator after skidding makes drivers panic. But there is no need to worry in this case. Just brake a few times and everything resumes its normal course. If the ABS light on periodically, then inspect all connections carefully and you might find the problem and easily cope with it.

Reparation of "ABS light on"

What to do in case if ABS light on?

As was said before, don’t panic. Lets figure out, what you can do to make this problem solved without applying to service station.

1. Open the owl and detach the battery pack.

2. ABS electronic control package is not hard to find. It is right under the cowl often in one package with hydro-grid (component that apportions braking power). You’ll recognize it by variety of tubes connected to pack and conductor bundle with connecter.

3. Dismantle this connecter and inspect it for damages and moisture. Blow it off and dry, if necessary.

4. Check the precooler. This is the top-priority task. There may be several precoolers for ABS system, which are usually located in mounting pack under cowl.

What to do in case if ABS light on?

5. If you have a lifting-jack hoist, then use it to inspect your car. If not, then use motorcar jack instead. Your task is to inspect wires connected to wheel sensors for damages. These wires often loose fastening and chafe against wheel.

6. Wheel sensors are constructed in that way that each has a wire with connecter on its end. Your task is to find these connecters and check them for connection and its quality. Make sure that there is no moisture or rust.

7. If everything is in order and ABS light is still on, then drive to service station. The anti-block system error is not always eliminated by “reboot”, by removing battery terminal. Everything described here is referred for solving problems on your own. In specialized service station the failure will be found with the help of special scanner.

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