How to replace a power steering pump?

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Power steering pump is a component that helps to keep cornering ability, motor vehicle driving and eases a steering wheel recoil reaction.

• How to remove a power steering pump from steering wheel?
• How to replace a power steering pump?
• Bleeding of pump after installation
How to replace a power steering pump?

Of course, a power steering pump has many advantages, but sooner or later there comes a point when it gets out of order. The attributes showing that this element of steerage is out of order are noises while steering wheel turning, fluid reducing, the steering wheel turns brokenly or very tight, various knocks while rough riding or the worst – reduce of vehicle steerability.

How to remove a power steering pump from steering wheel?

The power steering pump failures appear as hard running of steering wheel, especially on low turns. May appear roar or howl. Getting out of order for good, electrically powered hydraulic wheel steering won’t help even in cold condition. If you have no opportunity or just wish to save money on special car servicing, then you’ll have to replace wheel power steering on your own.

Jumping ahead, we want to mention that you shouldn’t hope for fast and easy replacement, because whole process is quite laborious, but it worth all the saved money. But this process won’t be complicated for those drivers, who are used to tinker their car. Before you start, inspect general condition of all joint of power steering pump to replace them, if necessary. Also decide if you need to buy pump, runner, filler block, teflon ring for high-pressure pipe and belt. So, let’s start.

1. Remove proofing and splash shield from belts.
2. Then remove cooling fluid tank.
3. You can remove the power steering belt or just cut it. This depends on its condition.
4. Then dismantle power steering tubes: conducting and outlet tubes, which are fixed with inside screws.
5. Remove filler block and feed pipe, which is fastened with clamper on the right side of heat radiator.
6. Drain liquid from the pipe. Ask somebody to help you: your helper will turn the wheels while you drain the liquid.
7. After this action, detach the power steering high-pressure pipe flap.
8. Loose the attachment clip that fastens feed pipe. Power steering pump is fixed with four bolts. Three of them you will undo at once, but the forth one you’ll undo after undoing bolts of wheel power steering belt inclosure.
9. Undo all four bolts of pump.
How to replace a power steering pump?

How to replace a power steering pump?

The power steering disassembling and pump dismantling must be done strictly on the instruction.

1. Dismantled pump is easier to clean up from mud accretion for further inspection and to find out damages. Usually, the most often failure cause is exhaustion of power steering pump from inner side of cage. It resembles step. You can remove the failure with filled bitstock. But complications may occur if indecomposable power steering pump without caps and circlips is installed in your car.

2. Attachment clips of tank junction pipe might be of single use, so you’ll have to break them down.

3. Drain fluid from the tank. While its secondary use, look inside it and make sure the net inside it is clean. If necessary, wash it or replace with new one. All inner parts must be blown off with pressure air (appr. 8atm).

4. Release a pump tube assembly clamp.

5. Teflon gaskets are durable, but they must be replaced on high-pressure pipe clamping shoulders.

How to replace a power steering pump?
Power steering pump replacement can take a few hours even in most comfortable conditions. The average time of replacement procedure takes approximately 6-7 hours of accurate work. If the pump construction allows its repairmen, then runner and filler blor pressing out takes special place. But it is better to replace them to save time.

The installation of wheel power steering is performed in reverse order. It I better to adjust belt with tapered cone. Sometimes you must use special equipment made of tin-plate. Or there is another option available: when power steering fastening is not fully adjusted and you can install belt on runner. Only after that fully assembled construction fastened with necessary belt adjustment.

Bleeding of pump after installation

If you hope that pump replacement is enough, then you’re wrong. You’ll also need to seal the system. And pour fluid to the tank in any case. The best way to add fluid is when the engine is not cooled down. But if you hadn’t known about this or you’ve remembered about it after pump replacement, we’ll explain, how to act in this situation.

How to replace a power steering pump?

You can heat the tank and all tubes of fluid outflow with hot air gun. But don’t overdo! It is important not to overheat the tubes. Automatic transmission fluid that was prepared beforehand must also be heated. It will pour better in such condition. Use the one that is recommended by your car manufacturer. Don’t forget about subfreezing temperature. Avoid fluid freezing. That’s why pay attention to tag marking.

After you detached return pipe from power steering tank, put it into empty recipient. Temporary close the hole, where was a return pipe. Pour the automatic transmission fluid into the tank and turn the starter. It will put a pump on the hole and flush the fluid into the return pipe, then into prepared recipient.

By color you will know, when the fluid in power steering pump is flushed, so you can stop flushing. Then connect the return pipe to tank and wind the starter and turn steering wheel on one quarter right and left. Important! Don’t start the engine! Otherwise, the pressured fluid will shoot out the power steering. The expert drivers advise to shut off the gasoline pump to avoid accidental engine starting.

So, the power steering pump replacement and its flushing are over. Assemble everything in reverse order and connect a gasoline pump. Check the fluid in tank. Get into your car and drive a few circles around your house. This way you’ll flush the pump. While driving, try to turn the steering wheel maximum towards your vehicle movement. It is necessary to feel if there are still some failures and to hear the rustle. There shouldn’t be any noises, while car is on the move.

How to replace a power steering pump? How to replace a power steering pump?

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