Roofrack: use, classification and buying advices

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By definition, roofrack is a simple construction made of soldered popes, plastic caps and different types of attachment to the car roof. Due to roofrack, you can construct a full-fledged luggage boot. Though, except practical functions the roofrack also decorate car’s outward. But still, it’s not everything that could be said about roofrack.

1. Use of roofrack
2. Roofrack classification
3. Buying advices
Roofrack: use, classification and buying advices

1. Use of roofrack

There are many car models that are produced with installed roofrack. Though, it can be installed on vehicles originally without it. Many manufacturers concern about it on car designing stage and provide for it special crippling and holes. Due to those crippling and holes you can install the roofrack on your own.

There are strong demands to construction, form and fastening of roofrack, because there will be a high pressure of air approach flows. In this regard the roofrack might simply come off the roof.

For example, flashlights are often installed with roofrack on the roof of roadsters. This place is the most suitable for them. Often flashlights are installed on roofrack. Due to this, the car becomes convenient for cross-country drive.

The manufacturers also pay a great attention to durability of these products. That’s why they used the most strong materials. Usually, this is metal or plastic, though often you can see combined variants. Usually the roofrack are covered with powder paint to make them attractive and resistant to environmental loads.

Roofrack: use, classification and buying advices

So, let’s figure out the functions, which fulfill the roofrack installed on car:
1. First and ground function is practical. It is about providing of attachment of special luggage boots to the vehicle roof. Their fastening can be ordinary, immersed or cross.
2. Due to roofrack, you can reliably bank up cargo beds. And driver gets the opportunity to carry the cargo of big size, which cannot be placed in ordinary trunk.
3. This construction allows fastening and carrying bicycles on the car roof. Due to this, you don’t have to think of how to dismount it and place into the trunk (you can bedraggle upholstery with it). And you also won’t have to worry about reliability of your bike fixation.
4. Roofrack increase reliability of magnetic and mechanical fasten, which makes safe fixation and transportation of skis and other massive sports equipment, including surfboards.
5. Aesthetic qualities, which are provided for a car by compact and firm ledges on its roof.

We mentioned the aesthetic qualities in the last turn, because the main function of roofrack is possibility to install a luggage boot on the roof for carrying big-sized cargoes. So, the roofrack itself has no disadvantages. But speaking of use of roofrack with trunk, several disadvantages of this construction should be mentioned:
- carrying of big-sized cargo on the roof of the car reduces its aerodynamic qualities. As a result, fuel consumption is increased;
- approach air flows create additional noise and it is more complicated for driver to clear out the noise of engine;
- if cargo on a roof is placed unequally it may impact response of vehicle. There is a great opportunity of vehicle roll-over, while driving at higher velocity. That’s why driver should drive very carefully and at optimal speed.

That’s why experts don’t recommend installation of constant luggage boot on roofrack. It is better to use it, when it is needed.

Roofrack: use, classification and buying advices

2. Roofrack classification

For all years of using roofrack this device has had many modifications and changes. That’s why there are various types of roofrack nowadays. They are classified by:
1. The material this device is made of. As was said before, this could be metal, plastic or reinforced plastic. As for metal for roofrack, this could be steel or aluminum.
2. Installation of ledges. According to this feature, roofrack are divided into lateral and cross. Often you can find combined types of roofrack.
3. Constructional features. Roofrack can be universal or made for specific vehicle model. So, if there is no roofrack specifically for your vehicle model, you can install universal.
4. Diameter and length of ledge. This important feature if you choose universal roofrack. Because size of roofrack meant for specific vehicle models is entirely suitable for those cars.
5. External characteristic. In this category roofrack can be sorted by form and color. The most popular are roofrack of black color and made of steel. Chrome and plastic products are no less attractive. In this case every driver is guided by his/her car peculiarities.

Roofrack: use, classification and buying advices

3. Buying advices

Considering varieties of roofrack, it is not so easy to pick up the one you need. So, you need to know exactly, what kind of this device you want to install. So, here are some tips to make this task easier for you:
1. Select a suitable roofrack for your car model: pay attention to its size, color and customizing. If there are specific holes on the roof of your car, you must pick up the device that will match them. Even universal roofrack can differ by way of fastening. But the best way is to learn the instruction before buying the device. The instruction contains way of fastening and list of vehicle models the model of roofrack is compatible with.
2. Check reliability of roofrack. If the quality of roofrack is insufficient, it won’t hold your cargo properly. And this may cause damages of autobody.
So, don’t be shy to ask shop assistants everything about roofrack you like. Also take the ledge in hand and try to bend it. If the ledge yielded even for a tiny bit, then the product is of low quality and you shouldn’t buy it.
3. Don’t ignore the color, form and size of roofrack. If they are picked up incorrectly, such construction will look ridiculously.
4. Contacting an authorised dealer is also a great option for buying correct model of roofrack. So, the advice is following: follow your own preferences and finances. It is not always rational to overpay for such device as roofrack, especially if you are not going to use it as luggage boot.

Roofrack: use, classification and buying advices

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