Electronic ignition: what advantages does it have? AC Cars  
Automobile is very complicated system, which consists of many components and devices, which constantly interact. Your car won’t move without ignition system. This aspect requires special attention, especially electronic ignition.
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  Bypass valve: what is it and what are its functions? AC Cars  
Automotive world is full of many innovations, which can improve vehicle in any way. So, nowadays a car tuning is very popular, due to which drivers can equip their cars with components capable on changing their car’s condition and specifications. Bypass valve is a device, which is installed on junction pipe between intake manifold inlet and turbine exhaust exit. Main purpose of this device is disposal of exhaust emissions high pressure. So, this component allows partially avoid turbo lags.
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  How to replace a valve cover gasket AC Cars  
When the gasket should be replaced? Some very priggish drivers approach to condition of their cars with responsibility and replace valve cover gasket with oil. But behind this paranoid, as it may seem, behavior hides a very sound calculation. These drivers fully protect their engine from leakage. Also, while replacing a gasket, you can check valve train units on wear out or damages.
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  Ignition system: how does it work? AC Cars  
One of the main systems providing stable work of engine is called the ignition system. Its components provide formation of electric spark, which ignites the air-fuel mixture in cylinders of combustion engine. It is also a part of engine electrical system. Most drivers have general idea of ignition system. And those, who are interested, we suggest to read our article.
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  Electric jack: its pros and cons AC Cars  
Electric jack is a lifting construction feeding from car electrical system. No doubt that electric jack works as with non-operational engine, so with operational. Besides, last option is preferred by most drivers, because in this case the battery charges from alternator, so, the battery load is reduced. The device is controlled by small unit.
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  Fuel injection system – how does it work? AC Cars  
Fuel injection system is one of the most important components of a car. This system defines fuel volume, which is necessary for engine in specific moment. We’ll introduce its operational principle in terms of some its types, existing sensors and servo units.
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  Wheel balancing: what is it for and how it is performed AC Cars  
Many car owners underestimate car maintenance procedure as wheel balancing. But any experienced mechanic will tell you that correct work and working life span of suspender depends on it. It is easy to comprehend that regular and correct performing of this procedure increases safety of traffic. It is necessary to do wheel balancing quite often, especially if there were other procedures performed for wheels of your car (f. e. alloy wheel replacement, tire changing). Well, it’s not really a problem, because it can be done on any vehicle service station.
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  What to do in case if ABS light on? AC Cars  
Some drivers become nervous, when they see ABS light in their car is on. They think that something happened to their car braking system in general. But why the ABS light is on and what to do in this case? But panic here is inappropriate and hardly reasonable. The car breaking system must be in order. The only component that filed is anti-lock breaking system, which is not critical. Of course it helps in many critical situations, but everything is reparable and we’ll tell about it in our article.
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  Throw-out bearing: what is it for and how to inspect it AC Cars  
Throw-out bearing is installed in engine clutch. The clutch is meant for passing of driving moment from engine crankshaft to gearbox input shaft. Besides, it also fulfills following functions: provides fast and reliable engine connection to transmission; removes engine load pulse from engine and gearbox in the moment of gearshift; provides smooth breakaway after speed shifting; smooth gear shifting on the move; disconnects engine and transmission immediately after pressing clutch pedal.
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  How to replace a power steering pump? AC Cars  
Power steering pump is a component that helps to keep cornering ability, motor vehicle driving and eases a steering wheel recoil reaction.
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  Roofrack: use, classification and buying advices AC Cars  
By definition, roofrack is a simple construction made of soldered popes, plastic caps and different types of attachment to the car roof. Due to roofrack, you can construct a full-fledged luggage boot. Though, except practical functions the roofrack also decorate car’s outward. But still, it’s not everything that could be said about roofrack.
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  How to inspect a rear hub bearing AC Cars  
If you hear abnormal and suspicious noise while driving, that might mean you’ll have to inspect your rear hub bearing. The noise appears due to wearing out. You should urgently get rid of them.
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  “Check engine” light on: problems and their solution AC Cars  
Modern cars have “check engine” indicator, which is located on control panel. Sometimes the true importance of this light is known, when it is on. And then you find out many problems. Many people can drive their cars for years and this indicator never reminds of itself. So, what does this miraculous light mean and how does it help drivers? In this article we’ll answer these and many other questions.
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  Car valve adjustment: what is it for? AC Cars  
Power pack of every car is constructer in the way that its every cylinder has two or more valves. One (ones) of them inserts fuel blend, the second exhausts gas. That’s why they are called induction and emission valves. The mechanism that brings these elements of combustion engine into action is called variable valve event (VVEL) and lift or valve gear.
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  How to replace a car drive belt? AC Cars  
Drive belt is a part, which passes rotational element from one car mechanism to another. There are several drive belts installed in modern automobiles. But each of them plays a part in general working capacity of a car. If abruption or weakening of a drive belt occurred, you may not be able to even start your car. Due to this, every driver should know how to replace engine drive belt of a car. In this article we describe the reasons of drive belt’s breakdowns and how to replace them on your own. Also we pay special attention to the problems occurring during replacement process.
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